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Bed bugs are tiny bloodsuckers that can damage your bedding and make you go through stressful times. As they reproduce quickly, it becomes challenging to deal with them, and they will leave red itchy marks all over your body. When you ignore the signs of bedbugs and fail to contact the pets and wildlife removal Denton on time, you might have to deal with health issues and skin infections. Therefore, it is crucial to know everything about bedbugs and familiarize yourself with the warning signs. If you want to know everything about bed bugs, scroll further!

What Are Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are tiny brownish oval insects; these insects are from the genus cimex and feed on blood. They are usually visible at night and hide in bedding and wood furniture. Bed bug bites are considered harmful to your health and can cause skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. Hence to ensure the safety of your loved ones, you must connect with pet control and wildlife control services to get rid of these bugs. 

Where Do They Hide And Come From? 

Initially, you may not notice any other skin problems after bed bugs bite, but these bites turn into itchy blisters after a few hours. Before knowing the signs and treatment, you must know where bed bugs can come to take preventive measures. Usually, these bugs can enter your house through used sofas, beds, and other furniture, and they can also come with the luggage and clothing packed for days. Consider buying used furniture after the proper inspection and cleaning. Lastly, They make a presence at night and stay hidden throughout the day. 

Top Signs Of Bed Bug Infection 

To take proper precautions and connect with the Denton pest control services company, you need to know about the signs of the bug infection. So, if you want to know about the top signs, continue scrolling! 

  • Musty And Strange Smell 

The smell is one of the early signs of bed bugs. If you can deal with the bugs early and find the furniture where they are coming from, you can prevent them from spreading. Therefore, when you notice a musty smell from dirty clothes and rust, stay alert and find the source to get clarity. 

  • Dark Spots On Bed And Furniture 

Bed bugs reproduce faster; there is a high chance you will notice the tiny white-colored eggs collected in the corner of the bed sheet, mattress, or sofa every day. Stay alert when you consistently notice these dark spots, and connect with our wildlife control and pest control services to get rid of bugs. 

  • Itchy And Swollen Skin 

Initially, itchy and swollen skin may go unnoticed, and you might believe there are other causes, but this can cause harm to your skin and impact your health. So, as soon you notice itchy bumps mysteriously appearing at night, look for the bed bugs immediately! 

  • Spots On Wall 

As bed bugs walk across your house, you must give undivided attention to blood stains, skin shedding, and dark spots on the wall. Also, notice the same on the pillows and bed sheets. Get help from our professionals when you notice similar signs. 

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? 

  • Wash The Bedding 

Consider getting the bedding washed when you notice the bed bugs. Wherever you notice the bugs, on the sofa or bed, pull them away from the bed and get them washed with pressure. 

  • Use Heat Treatment

For the heat treatment, you can do the laundry in hot water to kill bugs and put the furniture away in the sunlight for a few days for effective results. 

  • Call Professionals 

There’s no guarantee that DIY treatment will offer you the best results. Therefore it would be best to connect with our professional pest control services to get rid of these buds. Further, you can eliminate all the pests and ensure a safe home environment with us. 

Kick The Bed Bugs Out With Our Pest Control Services! 

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