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High-Quality Mosquito Control Services in Denton, Texas

Many people put a lot of money and time into making their backyard a place to hang out during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, due to mosquitoes and the threat of Zika, and the Texas heat, it is almost impossible to enjoy your backyard.

Therefore it becomes necessary to hire professionals for mosquito treatment for yard Denton, Texas. If you are looking for someone whom you can trust completely, you can hire us. Knock Em Dead pest Control will be your perfect partner to keep all the mosquitoes and bugs out of your place.

To help control mosquitoes, we carefully select the areas and put backyard mosquito treatment that sprays mosquito solution on a set time that conveniently with your schedule. Nozzles are usually placed along your fence and raisers that stick out of the ground around shaded and wet areas where mosquitoes like to lay and reproduce. These systems consist of a tank, usually 55 gallons, or if you have a larger area to control a 125 gallon tank. On the tank are a motor, a pump, and a timer.

Water Cooling System

Now that the mosquitoes are under control, there is still the Texas heat to deal with. Well, we have that covered too. We offer water cooling systems that create a fine mist that does not get you wet and that can cool down your patio by 30 degrees, wow, 30 degrees. These systems consist of a pump that pumps water up to 1000 psi into a line and nozzles that create a fine mist with no big water droplets to keep you dry. Also, there is another option which is oscillating fans that have five nozzles in the center of the fans.

The fans push the mist out to help cool down larger areas. These systems are also great for bar and restaurant patios. Many people like to hang out on the patio of their favorite bar or restaurant but do not due to the heat. That’s where these systems work perfectly. Not only do they bring back customers, but they also attract new customers with their appeal to a cool place to hang out and enjoy.

We are the best mosquito treatment company in Texas. If you need any assistance, we are here to help!

Water Cooling System
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