Pests are a constant threat to commercial spaces, and they can enter your premises in various ways. Certain pests, such as moths and other flying insects, are attracted to light. Ensure that outdoor lighting is kept to a minimum and directed away from 

the building. Also, consider using yellow or amber light bulbs, as they are less attractive to pests than traditional white or blue light bulbs. Call the commercial pest control services in Plano, TX, and avail of their services. 

Identifying these entry points in commercial spaces is crucial to prevent infestations and safeguard your business. Continue reading this blog to know more about the ways pests can get into commercial spaces and how to prevent them. 

Entry Points Of Pests In Commercial Spaces 

The pests’ nuisance not only happens in residential spaces but in commercial spaces too. There are various less noticed places from where they can enter your property, which may cause problems like health issues, property damage, etc. Read further to know about those, and then call the experts to remove them. 

1. Cracks And Gaps In Walls And Floors 

One of the most common ways pests enter commercial spaces is through cracks and gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings. These small openings, often just a few millimeters in size, can serve as entry points for various pests, including cockroaches, rodents, and ants, allowing them to easily infiltrate your space. To prevent pests from entering, seal any gaps or cracks in walls and floors with caulk or foam sealant. Consider hiring a Denton pest control to conduct regular inspections and implement a preventative pest control plan.

2. Doors And Windows 

Doors and windows are also common entry points for pests. They can fly in, crawl under the door, or enter through gaps around the frame. Installing door sweeps and weather stripping can help to prevent pests from entering through these openings. Make sure that all doors and windows are kept closed when not in use, especially during the warmer months when flying insects are more active. 

3. Ventilation And Plumbing Systems 

Pests can also enter commercial spaces through ventilation and plumbing systems. Insects like flies and mosquitoes can fly in through vents, while rodents can climb up drain pipes and enter through the plumbing system. Regular maintenance and cleaning of ventilation and plumbing systems can prevent pest infestations. If you find them in any corner of the house, then immediately call the professionals for commercial rodent control in Plano, TX, and get rid of the rodents. 

4. Storage And Waste Areas 

Storage and waste areas are prime breeding grounds for pests like rodents, cockroaches, and flies. Pests can enter through cracks in walls and floors or by climbing up drain pipes. Keep storage areas clean and organized, and ensure that any waste is disposed of properly. Regular cleaning and inspection of these areas can prevent pest infestations. 

5. Deliveries And Packages 

Pests can also enter commercial spaces through deliveries and packages. Rodents and insects can hitch a ride in boxes or packages, so inspect all deliveries before bringing them inside. Also, ensure that all loading docks and receiving areas are kept clean and debris-free. In case you notice any signs of the pests, call the professionals of commercial pest control services in Plano, TX, to get help. 

6. Outdoor Landscaping

Pests can enter commercial spaces through outdoor landscaping. Trees, bushes, and other plants close to the building can provide a pathway for pests to enter. Ensure that any trees or bushes are trimmed back, and do not touch the building. Also, remove any debris or clutter around the building, as this can provide hiding places for pests. 

7. Cables And Wires 

Cables and wires that run into commercial spaces can also be entry points for pests. Rodents, in particular, are known to chew through cables and wires, causing damage and potentially creating a fire hazard. To prevent pests from entering through these openings, seal any gaps around cables and wires with caulking or other sealants. Additionally, consider using steel wool to fill larger gaps, as rodents cannot chew through it. 

Show The Exit Doors To The Pests Today! 

Pests can enter commercial spaces in various ways, and it’s essential to identify these entry points and take preventative measures. A comprehensive pest control plan that includes regular inspections, maintenance, and cleaning can help to keep pests out of your commercial space. Take proactive measures to save your business from pests today, rather than waiting until you have a pest problem to deal with. Don’t wait; act now! Connect with us at Knock Em Dead, LLC, and get our commercial pest control services in Plano, TX. Apart from commercial services, you can get residential pest control services. Connect with us today to know about our services in detail.