Are you ready to welcome warm weather, barbecues, and long days with open arms? Summer is a season that we all wait for, and who doesn’t love the wonderful smell of grass, the refreshing feeling after eating ice cream, family vacations, and more. We all want to spend more time playing outdoor games, but you are not alone who is active in summer. Unfortunately, summer is also prime time for all kinds of dangerous wildlife. Wildlife gets extra energetic during summer for many reasons. Some have extra mouths to feed, while others want to stay out of the heat. If you feel stuck in any of these problems, our wildlife removal in Little Elm, TX, is here for you. 

Most Common Home Invaders In Summer

While you may love the summer season, it is more prone to wildlife problems. All you need is to be prepared to tackle this. Here are some of the issues that you need to watch out for this summer:

1. Snakes

They are cold-blooded animals that require sunlight and heat for energy. Too much heat is not suitable for them, so they are more active late morning and evening. They seek out shelter on hotter days and end up finding a house. They will choose based on food, shelter, and space availability. It can be your house too. Feels scary? Isn’t it? No need to worry! Our wildlife removal services will help you eliminate all kinds of wild animals. 

2. Bats

While you may find bats scary, they help keep you safe from insects. Bats can enter through openings in this scorching season. They can cause damage to your place by ruining insulation, causing structural damage, and health concerns from their urine and feces for occupants of the home. Bats also carry serious diseases such as rabies, with 1 to 3 bat-transmitted rabies occurring yearly. Bats are active at night and come out at dusk for food. So, you must be careful of taking proper precautions and timely taking Prosper, TX, pest control services. 

3. Armadillos

They are active in summer because they mate in the fall, and their young ones are born in spring. They prefer habitats near rivers and lakes with sandy or clay soil. So, if you love to stay near natural places and feel the environment, you are likelier to see armadillos at your home. They lack eyesight but a sensitive sense of smell and have few natural predators. They are solid diggers and can cause most of the damage around your home and property. So, take proper precautions while living near any water resource in summer. 

4. Raccoons

Once the raccoon grows old enough to forage for food, they leave the den permanently. Young raccoons stick close to the shelter, especially if there’s food nearby. They hide in crowded areas and come out to forage at night. They dig up lawns as they are notorious in nature. So, you need to protect your garbage and make sure that they don’t get in touch with dirty items lying around. You can also take advantage of our wildlife removal services in serious situations. 

5. Coyotes

Coyotes are a significant hazard at your residence if you have pets in your home. They don’t inflict property damage but can pose a severe risk to your lovable pets. They are highly opportunistic, so you will be unable to protect your pet from them. Coyotes give birth to pups in April and May and become more active during the summer. Whether in the garbage or leftovers, they are attracted to the smell of food. Please clean up after outdoor meals and seal your trash to dissuade them. Avoid letting out your lovable pets at night in the summer season. 

Protect Your Place With Our Wildlife Removal Services

So, these are the wildlife problems that you can have in summer. If you want to avoid any mishap, Knock Em Dead, LLC, is always here for you! We have residential and commercial pest control in Little Elm, TX. You can visit our website to contact us to create a safe and healthy environment this summer. Contact us today!