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While the spring season has officially sprung, it will gradually make its way into your life and will be the start of your insect-induced concerns. You might undoubtedly encounter several blood-sucking mosquitoes in your home this season. Therefore, it’s best to be savvy about the insightful & crucial spring mosquito control tips ahead of time. Although you can always hire commercial pest control at Little Elm, Frisco, and Plano, TX services, the tips below will help you prevent mosquito invasions in your home and help you calm your nerves.

Methods to Help You Lower the Mosquito Populations in Your Home

If you are tired of the unwanted mosquito interventions in your home and want to get rid of their countless breeding populations, read on to find some expert tips and methods for mosquito control this spring season.

1. Ensure You Clean Your Pools & Ponds Regularly

If you want to eliminate all the breeding grounds for mosquitoes in your home, consider starting with your swimming pool. Ensure that your swimming pools and nearby areas meet the proper cleaning and chlorination standards. Also, aerating the water in your small or large ponds will help you keep the mosquito population down this mosquito season. 

Mosquitoes will avoid laying eggs in chlorinated or aerated water. You can also keep some fish in your larger ponds that will eat mosquito larvae and prevent them from breeding in the standing waters. 

2. Consider Eliminating the Non-Purposeful Forms of Standing Water 

The next crucial step to follow in your mosquito control checklist is to eliminate all grounds of standing water, such as clogged gutters, garbage, drainage bins, recycling containers, and the areas that pool after a good rain. You can always tilt your garbage bins in the upside-down position when not used so they don’t accumulate water.

Keeping the gutters unclogged is also a healthy practice of ensuring that your drainage pipes and systems stand clear of standing water. Also, after excessive rains, look for areas in your lawn that require clearing of standing water.

3. Proper Landscaping is Always a Good Idea

The indoor shaded areas in your home, such as garages and wood storage sheds, are where mosquitoes are likely to find their shelters. Since these sheds offer mosquitoes an escape from the scorching heat and sun, their population tends to increase more in the spring season. That’s when proper landscaping of your home prevents the housing of hundreds of mosquitoes and limits their population in your yard by tenfold. 

You can always hire expert lawn care specialists or commercial pest control in Frisco, Little Elm, and Plano to trim the mosquitoes hiding spots and offer you a mosquito-free commercial yard. 

4. Grow Some Mosquito-Repellant Plants in Your Garden

Certain plants help keep the mosquitoes at bay. You can consider mosquito-repellant gardening in your home and enjoy living in your pest-free property. Some plants and seeds that can help you get rid of mosquitoes in your yard are Catnip, Lemon balm, and rose-scented geraniums. 

You can hire some skilled commercial pest control services in Plano, Frisco, and Little Elm, TX, who will strive their best to protect your business or commercial properties from disease-spreading mosquitoes. 

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes With Our Commercial Pest Services

If the above-mentioned DIY methods don’t come in much helpful and prevent you from enjoying your commercial property this spring season, hire our proficient commercial pest services from Knock Em Dead, LLC. Contact us and let our experts help eliminate all the unwanted mosquito infestations from your commercial premises. Reach out to us to know more about our mosquito control services.