Do you love to enjoy your warm summer evenings in your garden? The outdoor lighting can be an addition to these soothing vibes. You can relax and unwind yourself under the lightning of your choice. Also, these outdoor lights enhance your home value, giving that curb appeal to your home outdoors. Furthermore, your home’s outdoor lights increase the visibility of your property in the dark. This way your yard decor also gets highlighted.

However, pests and rodents can obstruct your fun and leisure times by chewing your outdoor lights. It is when pest control services in Frisco, TX, come in.

Expert professionals can remove these pests away from your gardens and protect your outdoor lights.

Tips To Protect Your Outdoor Lights In Denton From Pests And Rodents

The outdoor lights are prone to the vicinity of pests and rodents in your garden. You must take help from a professional pest control service when the pest and rodent infestation becomes uncontrollable. Until then, you can prevent outdoor lights like Christmas lights in Denton by following some tips. Continue reading to know about those tips.

1.  Pests Repellent Scents

There are numerous scents and repellents in the market whose smell is unpleasant to pests and rodents. You can use these repellents to protect your outdoor lights until professional Denton pest control help arrives. You can sprinkle the scents and repellents around your outdoor lights. The smell of those scents and repellents makes the pests and rodents believe it’s not an acorn. Thus, these outdoor light chewers shy away, and your lights are protected for time-being.

2.  Use Anything Circling The Pepper

Powdered pepper or pepper mint anything would work circled the word pepper. It is commonly witnessed that many of the pests and rodents most likely hate pepper. Moreover, it is a common misconception that you should sprinkle powdered pepper on the lights. However, it only causes light damage and short circuits. The best way is to sprinkle the pepper around the light string. Also, you can spread cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil around the light.

3.  Citrus Oils To Shoosh Away The Pests

Do you love citrus fruits like oranges? Let us tell you a fact; the pest and rodents in your home don’t! So, get citrus oil and cotton balls from the market. Soak the cotton balls in the citrus oil and spread it in your garden where the lights hang. It will restrict the pests and rodents entering your garden for chewing the outdoor lights until the smell of the citrus oil works. In the meantime, call for expert pest control services in Frisco, TX.

4.  Stop Feeding Your Pets Outside

Feeding pets outdoors can be a habit for you. However, it brings serious repercussions in the form of pests and rodents. The food crumbs spread by your cat or dog in the garden become an attraction for pests and rodents looking for food.

Your outdoor lights also become the target of those pests and rodents after the leftover food. Thus, you must be careful by bringing the food bowl inside after your pet eats the food and checking for the leftovers.

5.  Sprinkle Cotton Balls Soaked In Mint Smell

It is similar to peppermint and citrus oil-soaked cotton balls. Many pests and rodents also hate the smell of any mint, like pepper and citrus fruits. You have to bring any mint mouthwash you use every day and soak cotton balls in it. What next? Spread those soaked cotton balls all over the garden where the outdoor lights are hanging and watch the pests and rodents walking away far.

Do Not Let Pests Chew Your Outdoor Light With Our Pest Control!

Outdoor lights serve numerous purposes for your outdoors. These lights enhance the aesthetics and overall value of your home outdoors. Also, it increases the visibility of your yard, and you can have an exciting warm summer evening outdoor excursion. However, pests and rodents chew these lights and make you

unable to enjoy these perks fully. There are numerous ways to deter these pests and rodents from chewing your outdoor lights. However, professional pest control services in Frisco, TX, can make these notorious beings shy away from your outdoors forever. Are you seeking expert pest control services at an affordable price? Contact us at Knock Em Dead, LLC, and get the best at a reasonable price!