Pest Control

Pests can be more than just a nuisance. They can cause serious issues if left unchecked. From destroying your home or possessions to spreading disease, an untreated pest problem will only worsen over time. That’s why it’s so important to take action against pests before they completely take over your property.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the most common Prosper TX pest control and provide tips on how to permanently eliminate them.

Dealing with Ants, Roaches, and Other Creepy Crawlies

Two of the most frustrating pests to have invaded your home are ants and roaches. These resourceful insects find a way inside, no matter how clean you keep your space. Once inside, they multiply rapidly by the hundreds or even thousands.

If you spot a trail of ants or a lone roach scurrying across your floor, it likely means many more are hiding out of sight. Tackling an ant or roach infestation takes perseverance, but with the right pest control plan, you can get them under control.

Start by identifying their entry points and sealing up any cracks or crevices around windows, doors, pipes, vents, etc. Remove food sources by keeping counters clean, storing food in airtight containers, and not leaving pet food out overnight.

You can make your own natural DIY pest control spray using essential oils like peppermint, lemongrass, or tea tree oil mixed with water. Use traps and baits specifically made for ants and roaches to attract and kill them.

You may need to bring in pest control Prosper Texas professionals for serious infestations. They use commercial-grade insecticides and can reach hard-to-reach nesting areas in walls and foundations, where these pests like to hide and breed.

Keeping Mosquitoes and Ticks Out of Your Yard

Spending time outdoors is one of the joys of warm weather, but mosquitoes and ticks can put a real damper on your activities. It’s important to have a pest control plan for your yard if you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces bite and itch-free.

Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs, so eliminating breeding grounds is key. Drain or refresh water sources like bird baths, pet dishes, and rain collection systems weekly. Clear debris that can trap water from gutters and cover stored items like buckets and toys when not used.

Certain plants, such as citronella, lavender, basil, mint, and catnip, also help repel mosquitoes. Strategically place these natural repellants around seating areas, play structures, and high-traffic zones.

Keep your lawn mowed short for ticks and regularly remove leaf litter where they like waiting for a ride with their next host. Put up physical barriers like fencing, stone borders, mulch, or wood chips between turf and recreational spaces. And be sure to spray your yard with insecticides specifically targeting ticks.

Preventing Spider Infestations Inside and Out

Seeing the occasional spider inside isn’t cause for alarm. But a large number of spiders clustered together could mean you have an infestation. An influx of spiders in your home is usually triggered by insects as their main food source. So, pest-proofing your property against other bugs will also help curb indoor spiders.

Outdoors and spider infestations often occur when their natural habitats, like wood or brush piles, are disturbed. The spiders then seek shelter in places like patios, sheds, garages, and home exteriors. Removing debris and sealing cracks and crevices denies them entry into your living space.

Insecticidal dust treatments directly into spider nesting areas effectively kill them. Outdoor fogging and indoor fumigation also help eliminate large indoor and outdoor spider infestations. Consult with pros to determine the best spider removal methods for your particular situation.

Stopping Rats and Mice in Their Tracks

Rats and mice may be small, but they can cause big problems if left unchecked. These prolific breeders carry diseases, contaminate food, and destroy property with their endless nibbling and nest-building. Getting rid of an existing rodent infestation and preventing future ones takes diligence but is completely doable.

Start by rat-proofing your home. Seal all possible indoor and outdoor entryways with weather-resistant materials like concrete, steel wool, wire mesh, and metal. Clear vegetation and debris away from the foundation that rodents could use as cover. Remove exterior food and water sources by cleaning up fallen fruit/berries, securing the lid on your trash cans, and not feeding outdoor pets more than they can eat per feeding.

Store human and pet food in chew-proof containers inside to prevent access. Fix leaky indoor pipes and clean up any standing water around rodents from which they could drink from. Set traps or use poisons specifically made for rats and mice and replace them as needed until they stop getting triggered.

For serious rat control Prosper TX infestations, you may need professional pest control. Exterminators have high-powered tools to locate rat nests in hard-to-access areas of your home and extensive knowledge of the best bait stations and toxicants for eradicating them.


DIY pest control efforts cannot help reduce pest populations. But not to worry your best bet is to hire professional exterminators for severe, recurring, or dangerous infestations. Their cutting-edge tools, commercial-grade insecticides/rodenticides, and extensive experience effectively eliminate pests and prevent future ones from invading your home.

Pest control technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire property, inside and out, to find and treat every last trace of the infestation. They’ll share pest prevention tips specific to your property to make future pest problems less likely moving forward.

So, get pests completely overtaken your property at Knock Em Dead, LLC before pests completely overtake your property. At the first sign of creepy crawlers, biting bugs, destructive rodents, or other pests, take action! Call Knock Em Dead, LLC pest control Prosper Texas pros to handle the problem quickly, safely, and efficiently. With their help, you’ll once again be able to comfortably enjoy your home and yard pest-free!