Termites are a constant threat to homes every spring in Texas. They feed on dead plants, wood, and material and cause damage to the property that can put a dent in your budget. They have the capacity to destroy your home’s structural timber and the areas around your windows and doors. If you notice any damage to your wood furniture or want to prevent the infestation by termite control in Frisco, TX, keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Why Are Termites Active in the Spring Season? 

The season is an essential factor for termite activity. Although Termites are active in building their colonies throughout the year, most are active during the spring season due to the moist weather conditions. Subterranean termites begin to swarm; they swarm to start mating and start new building colonies in your home. During spring, the dampened wood sources serve as excellent breeding grounds for subterranean termites.

Since the spring season is around the corner, choosing termite control services in Little Elm, Frisco, and Prosper, TX, and implementing prevention strategies can prevent the breeding of subterranean termites and thereby control their infestation at the right time. 

The Potential Damage Caused by Subterranean Termites

Unlike other pests, termites don’t cause any serious trouble to humans. But they can cause substantial financial losses if their infestation is not timely treated. They can breed and build colonies in your wood furniture and weaken it over time.

Moreover, they can also weaken your house structures by living in the cracks of the walls. Along with wood, they also feed on drywalls and ceilings. During the springtime, chances are higher that your home could get infected with subterranean termites as they breed in this season. However, you can preserve your wood furniture and walls by calling for help from a professional termite exterminator in Prosper, Little Elm, and Frisco, TX. 

Save Your Property from Termite Infestation with These Tips 

To save your property from any termite infestation, implement the following tips and make your home free of termites.  

1. Get Rid of Your Dead Wood

The presence of deadwood on the property can attract termites. Therefore, you must get rid of deadwood to prevent it from becoming the breeding ground for subterranean termites. 

2. Get Rid of Moisture from Your Property 

Moisture is another reason for termite infestation in your home. The leaky pipes can pave the way for termites to enter your property. Therefore, fix your leaky pipes and invest in a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from your property.

3. Prune and Trim Your Trees

Termites feed on wood, and therefore, it is essential to trim your trees regularly. Not being able to do so can make the branches stretch to your property and serve as a bridge for termites to enter it. 

4. Seek Professional Help 

If you cannot treat the termite infestation yourself, consider seeking termite control services in Little Elm, Prosper, and Frisco, TX, to get rid of termites.

Need a Long-Term Solution for Termite Control? 

If you are looking for a long-term solution for termite infestation on your property, connect with Knock Em Dead, LLC. Our experts use eco-friendly and effective solutions for curbing termite infestation. We offer the best termite control services in Frisco, Prosper, and Little Elm, TX. So, wait no longer and make your home termite-free with us. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.